Saturday, April 2, 2011

If you don’t mind, I think I’m gonna stay home…

I just completed my participation in “ChillaxFest 2011”, my self created day of pure relaxation. I’ve been pretty busy lately with allergy issues, horrible foot problems, a trip to Philadelphia, a trip to DC, a near fatal poisoning by lemonade/Isaac’s and last (but CERTAINLY not least) my Colin Firth obsession. Phew- it was time for a spa day, heavy amounts of drinking a break! After bidding farewell to my friend Alison, who was my traveling buddy for two days, I made some quick changes to my plans for the night (ie- “goodbye awkward first date!”) and I then spent the rest of the day enjoying the following stress-free things…

  • A trip to Target. LC is correct- Target is simply the best! I strolled through the aisles and left with some super deals on things I don’t need but somehow can’t live without.
  • A Grande, Nonfat Vanilla Steamer from Starbucks (a favorite of both mine and Kate’s). This was one big, great delight found in an exceptionally cold, overcast April day.

  • An unexpected screening of “So I Married An Axe Murderer” with my mom, which our followers will remember is one of her favorites. (Note- if you have not seen this movie please do so immediately. It will change your life)
Photo @imdb
  • I celebrated the capture of my hated enemy- the escaped Cobra from the Bronx zoo. *NOTE: Photo too disgusting/terrifying to post, blogger is an ophidiophobic
  • Finally, I watched 5 episodes of “Arrested Development” and laughed as much as the first time I saw them.


I highly recommend creating your own “ChillaxFest” as soon as possible- it’s good for the soul. Tomorrow it's back to the usual hustle and bustle- back down to DC if that Nyquil  helped Kate out.


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