Friday, April 22, 2011

2010 Flashback

It's been a roller coaster of a week but tonight I'm thinking about how excited I am to go home for the weekend. Easter is one of the few holidays where my entire family is together and so we make it an event to remember. In preparation for the fun that is about to ensue, join me in a trip down memory lane from 2010.

1. sibling fun at our local brewery.
2. LC "cheers" her nephew as we enjoy fabulous pizza. It's our pre-Easter tradition.
3. I won a bet that my brother couldn't break the egg. My BIL looks on in amazement.
4. cutest. harmonica. player. ever.

I was told last year that I was too old to participate in the egg hunt but I'll still be jumping like a bunny when I see my stocked Easter basket. Thanks to my parents for always making this one of my favorite times of the year and to my siblings for coming back to the 'burg to celebrate.

Oh yeah, I plan to dominate my mom's smorgasbord Easter spread this year. And that's a fair warning.



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