Saturday, April 2, 2011

(Blog) Party Like Its 2011...

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I love this idea from the ladies at 5 minutes for mom

We’re a group of four friends who have managed to stay friends despite time and distance.  We are (pictured left to right) KCLC, M, and Kate.  

And here is our storyWe travel together, laugh together, (sometimes) cry together, and (recently) blog together.  We’re always looking for new blogs to check out, so leave a comment with your URL and we’ll be right over to follow you! Follow us, and laugh along as we share our day-to-day experiences, opinions and lives with you!    

Hugs to our (new) followers,


  1. Your blog is so fun! I love how all 4 of you blog together. I'm looking forward to reading more:)

    I came by from the UBP!

  2. Stopping by from UBP 11 I think it's fun that you all stay together through blogging.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It must be such fun blogging with a group of friends! Looking forward to following you all :-)

  4. hey... ty for the love will follow you and look forward to reading your old and new posts.

  5. Hey thanks for checking out my blog. Stopping by from UBP11. Such a great idea for a blog girls. I'm following! Looking forward to posts from all of you.

  6. Oh what a lovely group you girls are! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to more posting from you and am your newest follower.

  7. What a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog "Oh, the Places You'll Go".

  8. loving the site. i still hang with my 2 besties from hs!! (i'm 33). happy ubp11!


  9. What a great concept for a blog! I'm loving this! Stopped by from the following!

  10. Comin' to you via the UBP2011

    What a great idea for staying in touch!

    So happy I stopped by to meet all of you :)

  11. What a great idea! It really makes me miss my high school and college girlfriends and all of the fun times that we had. I am still making my way through the links at the UBP and came across your blog. I love meeting new bloggers!

    Come over to my blog to see how I am creating a healthy home for my family if you get the chance. I'm your newest follower!