Monday, February 14, 2011

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Greetings future followers! (No followers yet- is this blog a fail blog?? What have we gotten ourselves in to!?!?) Well I suppose I will be the first of the girls posting my intro. I’m Mindy- sometimes “Em” for blogging purposes. At the start of this blog I am a single (shoot me), 28 year old (tick-tock fertility clock), living in Central PA (Pennsylvania for those of you not in the know). I quit my corporate job a little over a year ago to enter Nursing School- yay saving people’s lives! (I like parenthesis and will use them often in my writing, get used to it buddy). I haven’t had a full time job since fall 2009 so I travel a lot and have been going on mini-adventures as often as I can.

Things I will be discussing: My crazy relationship with my lovely mother, who has been my roomie since my dad passed away in 2006; Music and Movies- two of my biggest loves in life (bonus points to anyone picking up on the Rolling Stones lyric), PLUS my sister works in the film industry and I’m not afraid of shameless promotion; Books- I’m a fairly large nerd and am afraid to start using the Kindle I was given a few weeks ago because I really truly love going to the library; Hilarious videos/other blogs- I love to “LOL” as the kids say; Sports- I’m a girly girl at heart, but I worship Steelers and Penn State football so don’t be surprised if a few Joe Pa quotes work their way into this site; Of course you can expect lots of awkward dates/guy stories since I am single and on the prowl (is my use of the word “prowl” what is keeping me single!?!? You be the judge).

Things my posts won’t have: proper grammar/spelling; tips on home decorating (holler if you live with your mom!); good recipes (I know that Shamrock Shakes are currently available at McDonalds if that tells you anything); or any other things intelligent people would actually be interested in. My lovely blogmates will handle those topics because that’s what friends are for. I’m so excited to start this little internet adventure with my best friends- they are some of the greatest people you’d ever have the pleasure of knowing (or in this case, stalking on the internet).

Hope everyone enjoys what we have to say- we think we’re hilarious and interesting! In closing, please enjoy this photo of me stuck in a motorcycle helmet.


  1. i like to read about all the things you plan on writing about. i also like to LOL. did you ever get that helmet off? could be a deterrent if you are on the prowl

  2. Great question Katie! Since you are our first, and only, follower I'm going to actually respond. (once there are billions of people following this blog we probably won't have time for you little people any more)...
    The helmet did come off! I'm not sure that necessarily helps my chances at finding someone while on the prowl- my face can be off putting- but I did miss playing with my long hair during the 7 minutes or so that it was stuck.