Friday, February 18, 2011

Lemons and Roses

I am not an eternally optimistic person.  I can’t forget a person’s flaws; I look for the “catch”; and I expect life to hand me lemons.  Imagine my surprise today when life handed me roses.  It is a beautiful wonderful glorious pre-spring day in FEBRUARY!  It’s one of those days where I can open the windows, get out from the blanket I’ve been hibernating under all winter, and take Goosey for a walk. 

Goosey enjoying the swings and sun
I love my collection of winter coats, but today, it was wonderful to feel the warm sun on my skin.  I really do love walking fast, but today there was a cosmic reminder to walk a little slower (which helped me to spot this heads up penny on my way home!). 

                                                                   Find a penny, pick it up,...
And even though I’m not a “half-full” kind of girl, today, I believe there was little more optimism in my attitude.  Here’s to the perfect day for a pitcher full of lemonade and a vase full of roses.


Hugs to all of our followers,

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