Saturday, February 19, 2011

I heart s'mores

I really do. I love s'mores.  I love graham crackers. I love marshmallows. I love chocolate. When you combine them together it's like heaven on earth.  I think I also love them because of the memories they bring.  Making s'mores is a process.  I will always remember looking for that perfect stick at camp over a bonfire. Or making them at Mindy's house. They bring me back to summer nights and I can almost hear the crackle of the fire.

So what brought up my declaration of love for s'mores? I think I just fell in love all over again.  I found this recipe for s'mores bars at a blog called Let's Dish. I love this blog. They always have great ideas. I've made this recipe three times now and it really is amazing. It gives you everything about s'mores that's amazing in a bar form.  Dying.

If you have the same love affair with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow that I do then you have to make it.  And enjoy every sticky bite.

I have to go cheer for the Tar Heels and work off all the extra calories I have now eaten.

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