Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deep breaths, I can do this

I find that writing a blog entry scares the bejeesus out of me.  I automatically feel like I’m 10 years old watching someone read an entry from my diary. 

Anyways, my name is Karissa.  Some things about me that I'm sure will come up again in some form or fashion.
  • I’m married to a wonderful man, Joe.  We actually met a little over three years ago through  Yes, online dating can work!  It took a lot of patience and frustration but it was all worth it.
  • I work as a corporate librarian.
  • I live right in the middle of ACC country so it’s very hard to avoid the basketball hype.  I’m a huge UNC fan but my husband loves Duke.  We’ve just learned to sit in different rooms of the house when they play each other.
  • I love baking.  It’s my creative outlet (and did I mention that I have a big sweet tooth?).
  • I love the sound of the ocean and feeling sand beneath my feet.
I'm sure there are some other things that will come up soon but until then...

P.S. I agree with you, Mindy. I'm a little terrified of Watson right now.

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