Friday, February 25, 2011

Pet Peeves

We all have them whether you want to admit it or not.  I have plenty-probably too many. Anyways, I’m currently involved in the Leanest Loser program at work.  We’re a month into it and I’m loving it.  It’s been the perfect motivator for me to get back into the workout groove.  But, it’s highlighted a few things that drive me nuts.
  1. If you are in an exercise class, do the workout.  Don’t just stand there and fake it.  I know it shouldn’t bother me because it’s not my waste of time but it’s still annoying to watch.  At least try, people.
  2. Don’t complain about how much weight you’ve lost to someone who clearly needs to lose weight.
  3. Don’t set up your bike or yoga mat directly in front of someone.  Use common sense and set up catty corner (or cattywompus J), please.  I really don’t want a view of your backside in Downward Dog.
  4. Locker room etiquette.  I think this will be its own post someday.  There are rules—unspoken, maybe—but follow them, please. I don't need to have a conversation naked with you anytime soon.
  5. Talking during class.  It’s one thing to mutter something about how crazy the instructor is or the difficulty of a task, but, if you’re going to talk for the entire 60 minutes then maybe a class isn’t right for you and your friend. It’s rude to the instructor and annoying to the rest of the class.  Besides, if you can still talk then you’re not working hard enough.  I can barely breathe let alone chat about the latest Glee episode.
Do these things or anything else bother you?  Or am I just the crazy annoying one that gets on everyone else’s nerves?

Here’s to a good workout…


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