Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybe just one more try...

Love, love, love this song. I’ve always been a George Michael fan but I fell in love with this last year.

George Michael’s orginal video from 1987: Fog/Dust- you have me intrigued. Is this place just a messy dump- what’s with the blankets on the furniture??? Oh, you’re heart broken… my mistake, those are sob sheets. Drool- that fabulous hair and five o’clock shadow are almost too much to handle when combined with the WHITEST TEETH EVER. Plus you’re throwing in a great 80s blazer and a DANGLY GOLD CROSS EARRING with lots (and lots) of wall leaning. Yum.

Live cover by GAYNGS: Full disclosure, I saw this performed live last fall in Austin, TX which may account for some of my praise because it changes my life. But still- AHHHHH, little Mikey Noyce is too adorable for words!!!! His tiny dragon/dinosaur hoodie just makes everything better in the world. Plus his voice is amaze-balls. GAYNGS is an indie supergroup with a ton of great members- two of my faves being Justin Vernon, founder of Bon Iver, and Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds. Their entire set was great, but when they pulled this out in the encore I almost died.

Enjoy the tunes.

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