Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mama Mia, Here I Go Again...

For those of you who read my intro (if not, for shame!!!), you already know that I live with my mom. People are always complimenting me on taking care of her or telling me what a good, supportive daughter I am for staying around since she lost my dad, but I don’t think many people realize how much fun it actually is living with her. It would take WAY too many blog entries to get you all caught up to speed on how awesome my mom is and how much fun we have living together (most days), but here is a little snippet about why I love hanging out with crazy Mare:

Tonight, I started quoting “So I Married An Axe Murderer” in the kitchen while I was putting away leftovers (I know, a big girl job!!), and without missing a beat my mom just jumped right in. (“Jane, get me off this crazy thing, called love”) In fact, SIMAAM is one of her all time favorite movies. Initially she was drawn to the Scottish father that Mike Myers plays, but in reality she just absolutely loves good comedy.

Growing up, our family always focused on my dad as the comedian- he was the class clown back in school and had a hoard of business man jokes that he threw around the office (we actually discovered his “joke box” in his office after he passed way, but that’s a whole different story…) What I’ve really noticed over the past few years since he’s been gone is how hilarious my mom is too. But we’re not talking knock-knock jokes here people, she is totally shameless about making fun of other people and laughing at their expense. It makes me so proud to hear her yell at idiots on Judge Judy or almost pee her pants laughing at episodes of Community or The Office (almost, I said ALMOST). Sometimes it sucks having to tell people I live with my mom (always quick to throw in a “my dad passed away!!!!!” just so they don’t judge me) but honestly, it’s hard to think of any other roommates who would always let me have the last slice of cake or join in on a dance party in the family room to Florence & The Machine or never complain about what I want to DVR (probably because she doesn’t know how to work the TV, but still!!). My mom is really one of my very best friends and although I have many days that I feel like strangling her (and even more days when I complain about not being married or living with a hot boyfriend named Ryan Gosling) I really have to say that most of the time, I feel blessed to be here.

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