Friday, June 29, 2012

Memories in the making

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. It just screams happiness to me. That's probably because it's one of the few times that my entire family gets together. It's the sound of laughter, the splash of the pool, the boom of a firework.  It makes my heart sing.  I can't wait for another year of memories made. 

May you all have a wonderful 4th of July week! God Bless America!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty Nice Little Sunday

We haven't had a quiet weekend home in months.  Our Saturday was very productive, so Sunday was our fun day.  Here are a few of the hundreds of pictures I took at the playground.


Goosey's favorite part of the park

This picture is worth a thousand words.

Can't forget my cute Maverick.
"Mooooooooooooom!  PLAH-lease stop with the pictures already!"
Hugs to our followers,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Needs or wants?

I wish I had a million dollars.  Wouldn't it be fun to shop without worrying about budgets? I'd love to finish up decorating our living room but it's taking a backseat to other things right now (darn responsibilities).  But, I'm keeping my eye out for items like these this summer. Maybe I'll find some good copies at Home Goods or the flea market!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brew Fest

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with family, getting sun and drinking beers. For those that don't know me, that's pretty much my ideal day.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Have A Dad Who Watches Over Me...

Family Easter photo 1984. What a crew.

Dad visiting me backstage before my final performance of "Guys and Dolls"

A few thanks for my dad...
Thanks for holding my hand at the edge of the Grand Canyon when I was too scared to walk out there by myself. I'll never forget the first time I took in the view I would have missed had you not been there to give me a little extra courage.

Thanks for never giving us money for doing well on report cards. School was so important to you, but getting good grades was just what was expected of four smart kids like us. You were always really proud but now I can see why you never rewarded us "doing our jobs".

Thanks for renting that limo to take us to the airport the first time we visited LA. I was a 7 year old celebrity for 45 minutes. It was better than Christmas.

Thanks for being SCARY mad at me on my first weekend home from college when you found a few extra rings and a bar in my ear. I'll never forget you telling me that you and mom had made too beautiful of a child for me to go "putting unnecessary holes and permanent weird shit" (tattoos) on my body. It never happened again.

Thanks for not wasting time changing out of your business suit when you got home from work before practicing my hook-shot with me in the driveway. I always thought it was your Clark Kent/Superman impression, but really you probably knew I needed those extra minutes of sunlight to get that move down.

Thanks for waking us up in the middle of the night to go on adventures: Walking through Times Square at 3am in our pajamas; Dragging ungrateful teenagers out of bed at 4am to drive to Cape Canaveral for a shuttle launch; Leaving for the beach at 2am so we could beat the rush and stop at our favorite pancake place; Walking through the woods of White Rock at god knows what time and then turning off the flash light for just a second to scare us.

Thanks for teaching me to drive... and to curse at bad drivers and traffic.

But most of all, thanks for showing me for 24 years how a husband should treat a wife, how a father should mentor his kids and how a family should take care of each other. Family was always the most important thing in your life- no questions asked. And while no family is ever perfect, ours still is pretty great.

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I love you and miss you every single day.
Melinda Anne

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Puppy love

It's amazing how quickly these adorable faces melt your heart.  They may drive me nuts with the house training and the multiple wake up calls at night but when they snuggle into your lap it just makes everything alright.

I completely understand why they say dogs make you healthier.  They make the little things not so big and allow you to enjoy life.  I've met more of my neighbors in the past few weeks, spent more time outside enjoying the summer air, and more time on the floor playing. 

Now, if we can get the house training finished then they really would be the most perfect pets in the world!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So my quiet weekend at home with my husband, parents and puppies turned into a 30th birthday that I will never forget!  My mom and I had left the house at about 1:00 to go see West Side Story in Durham. We've had these tickets purchased since Christmas!  I had expected to come back home after the show, play with the puppies for a little bit and then head out to eat at a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  As I walked in the door, I was greeted with a big "Surprise!" from my friends and family.  I truly had no idea.  I've never had a surprise party before--it was an amazing day.  I am so impressed with my husband, friends and family for managing to keep the secret a secret!

When my husband surprised me with the puppies last month I truly thought that was my big birthday surprise. I had no idea he had another one up his sleeve!  He did good, really good.  I will certainly never forget my 30th birthday weekend.

Ultimately, it was a beautiful summer night with my friends and family by my side celebrating with good food and laughter.  While some of my friends and family were missing due to the distance (we need a high speed rail system from PA to NC pronto), they didn't forget!  Check out the fantastic pictures that the girlfriends had my parents bring down for the party.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post that my friends and family took at the party. I was too distracted and overwhelmed to remember to actually take any photos other than a few!

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special. I am feeling very loved right now.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Happy Birthday, Karissa!  I wish I could be there to treat you to a cocktail and cupcake.

Image found here
Image found  here

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sending love and hugs (and virtual cocktails and cupcakes!),

Happy Birthday BLPE!

Today is one of my favorite days of the years, KC's birthday!!! Not only is it pure joy to celebrate the birth of such an amazing person and beautiful friend, but Karissa's birthday will always hold a special place in my heart as it so often fell on our last day of school growing up. We'd spend the afternoon at her parent's pool celebrating the birthday girl while kicking off the start of summer. And let me tell you, NO ONE can enjoy eating birthday treats while rocking a swimsuit quite like KC can.

If you have to be stuck under an umbrella in a rain storm, make sure it's with your best friend

KC: I know it hasn't always felt like your 20s were super easy, but I hope you know how happy I am for all the joy you've been given and will keep praying that the other parts fall into place as they're meant to. It's all going to be worth it :)

Happy Birthday and Lots of Love,

Happy Birthday, KC

Hope you have a fantastic birthday, KC. I'm thinking of you and wishing we could celebrate together...girlfriends-style!

Make sure those adorable puppies know it's your birthday so they let you sleep in a little bit!



Thursday, June 7, 2012

The next 30 years...

I am 29 today.  Tomorrow, I will be 30.  When did that happen?  I can still remember my 10th birthday as clear as day. I received a pink bicycle helmet that year.  I remember having to go to my brother’s baseball game and desperately wanting to go home to have cake and open presents.  How can I be 30 all of a sudden?

Kate and LC wrote such wonderful posts on the lessons they’ve learned in their 20’s.  I had considered writing something similar but struggled to think of anything different or insightful.  The past few years have been difficult—I haven’t closed my 20’s the way I had expected and I’m still learning to come to terms with that.  Instead, I thought it would be better if I wrote about what I hope to learn in my 30’s.

I hope to be more patient.  I hope to relax and learn to let go more frequently.

I hope I learn to trust in God more.

I hope I remember to appreciate the things I do have as opposed to what I don’t.

I hope that I can learn to forgive more easily.  And maybe work on forgetting too.

I hope my 30’s are filled with more laughter than tears, more happiness than heartache. 

I hope I’m more adventurous. My 20’s saw me learn to love avocado and goat cheese.  I wonder what my palette will discover this decade.

I hope I continue to love without reservation.

I hope I continue to hope and dream. I don’t want to lose that innocence.

And now I look forward to a wonderful birthday weekend with my husband, my puppies, and my parents.  Let’s just hope the puppies impress my parents or else they’ll never be asked to visit PA!


Vineyard Haven, MA

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was magical.

It started before the sun awoke.
So I could watch the day unfold.
My goodness.
I can't believe this beautiful phenomenon happens every single day and my sleepy head misses it.

And while the world was still dreaming, we found, perhaps, the most perfect spot to enjoy a few moments of quiet.
With feet hanging over the dock
and a village of boats on display...just for me.



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Martha's Vineyard

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Martha's Vineyard. It was the most quaint, beautiful, delicious place I've ever been.

I experienced my first Dirty Banana at an establishment called Nancy's. It was heaven in a cup. A mudslide married with a banana to create a frothy milkshake of liquid libation. 

The discoveries continued when I learned that I DO like clam chowder. How many times have I passed on the soup du jour when the waiter would announce clam chowder? And now the disappointment I feel to miss so many bowls of creamy indulgences.

Food aside, the weekend was spent celebrating the love of two good friends at a gorgeous wedding. Congrats Jeff and Lauren! I'm so glad I could be there for your special weekend!



Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Kate!

Being there in person is always a decent excuse for a belated birthday post, right?! Well lucky me got to spend a few hours visiting with Kate on her birthday yesterday. We talked and talked and talked the night away while we got pedicures and went out to eat. I was fairly forgetful about taking photos this trip, mostly because we didn't stop gabbing long enough to pose for any. Luckily, I documented my amazing meal at the very chic restaurant we went to.
Pineapple Chicken served in a FREAKING PINEAPPLE!!!

After dinner we retired to Kate's, put on cookie pants and relaxed away the remainder of her birthday. Pretty run of the mill night for us, just shocked we avoided eating nachos :)

Kate- I'm so lucky that our friendship has grown even closer throughout our 20s. We've been able to guide each other through some unexpected adventures and I'm so happy that I've been able to be by your side through it all. 

Here's to the start of your 30s! May they bring you all the things you never even thought to dream of yet :)

Happy Birthday and Lots of Love,

Happy Birthday Laura!

This post is only late because I had the pleasure of visiting LC and her delightful family on her birthday. Babysitting so that she and her husband could go out for a birthday meal (and beers!!!) was the best gift I could think of for this Supermom. Whenever I get a chance to spend time around her family, I'm always in awe of what a wonderful mom she is. It's a joy to see one of your best friends doing exactly what they were meant to do. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids, relaxing at the pool and catching up on all of our goings-on. And of course I took 8,000 photos of her adorable kids.
Maverick the Man

Goose Giggles

It was a great time and I'm so happy I could be there to help celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life, LC. Here is a little birthday quote for you...
 I'm so happy that you found your "bounty" in life during your 20s, can't wait to see what your 30s will bring!!!

Happy Birthday and Lots of Love,