Thursday, June 7, 2012

The next 30 years...

I am 29 today.  Tomorrow, I will be 30.  When did that happen?  I can still remember my 10th birthday as clear as day. I received a pink bicycle helmet that year.  I remember having to go to my brother’s baseball game and desperately wanting to go home to have cake and open presents.  How can I be 30 all of a sudden?

Kate and LC wrote such wonderful posts on the lessons they’ve learned in their 20’s.  I had considered writing something similar but struggled to think of anything different or insightful.  The past few years have been difficult—I haven’t closed my 20’s the way I had expected and I’m still learning to come to terms with that.  Instead, I thought it would be better if I wrote about what I hope to learn in my 30’s.

I hope to be more patient.  I hope to relax and learn to let go more frequently.

I hope I learn to trust in God more.

I hope I remember to appreciate the things I do have as opposed to what I don’t.

I hope that I can learn to forgive more easily.  And maybe work on forgetting too.

I hope my 30’s are filled with more laughter than tears, more happiness than heartache. 

I hope I’m more adventurous. My 20’s saw me learn to love avocado and goat cheese.  I wonder what my palette will discover this decade.

I hope I continue to love without reservation.

I hope I continue to hope and dream. I don’t want to lose that innocence.

And now I look forward to a wonderful birthday weekend with my husband, my puppies, and my parents.  Let’s just hope the puppies impress my parents or else they’ll never be asked to visit PA!


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  1. Beautifully said. :) Happy Birthday Karissa! Here's hoping our 30s are all that and more! Miss you!