Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Make it last forever, friendship never ends...

Happy Galentine’s Day!
Wait… what’d you say??? You never heard of Galetine’s day!?!? For realz? Um, it’s only the greatest holiday ever invented by a fictional character from a television show!
Bam! Now you know.
Celebrating Galentine’s Day is extremely important (so important that I am missing the Pens pre-game show to put together this little post). We need to show a little gratitude for our Ladyfriends and all they do for us! I, for one, appreciate that I have the type of friends who don’t judge me for still having Outkast’s “Hey Ya” on my iPod. They let it slide when I declare at least seven times a year that I “OFFICIALLY HATE JEANS!!!” after just having purchased another 3 pairs the week before. And best of all, they have never questioned my ridiculous/slightly-unhealthy obsession with FOUNTAIN Diet-Coke (SodaStream is for the birds!).
My thoughts on February 14th vary between "lamest day ever invented, I'm going to die alone smothered by cats" to "all you need is love, even chocolate isn't horrible today" depending on my relationship status, but I ALWAYS look forward to February 13th & the chance to celebrate my favorite friends :)
That being said… I’m totally in a happy, healthy relationship this year so bring on Valentine’s Day!!!!
*You may have noticed a pro-longed absence in my blogging. Sorry about that, the craziness of life threw up all over me. But good news- I gave up NOT blogging for lent (see what I did there, Jesus?). Your prayers have been answered, get ready for some nonsense posts you crazy fools!