Monday, October 22, 2012

Sesame Street Birthday Party

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Our family is full of Fall birthdays.  Luckily, Goosey's and Maverick's birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other, and I'm able to (at least for another few years) throw one big joint party celebrating both of them.  This year, I had a blast planning a celebration for Maverick's first birthday and Goosey's third birthday.  Once I came up with a Sesame Street theme, Pinterest and my imagination were unstoppable.  We decided to have the party at a Bounce House, which allowed me to put all the time, effort, and money I would have put into cleaning my house, making food, decorating, etc. into the goody bags.  They took a little bit of lovin', but all-in-all, I couldn't be happier with them.   To start, we glued the monsters' faces onto the corresponding colored box and attached an Elmo's-World-inspired sticker. 
I'm smitten. 
And, they were chock full of goodies, complete with "Elmo loves his goldfish..." goldfish crackers, "C is for cookie" bags of shortbreads, Sesame Street stickers, temporary tattoos, and juice boxes, along with crayons and a Sesame Street coloring page, homemade chocolate covered pretzels, and a "make your own monster" shirt kit (found here). 

Goosey wore her own monster shirt creation for the party.

For our own Harry Monster, my husband did an awesome job creating an old school Herry Monster shirt. 
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Maverick happily crawled around the inflatables at the Bounce House.  
 I love this picture.  Turns out Maverick has no fear (even though the adults around him seemed slightly more fearful) and happily sped down this super fast slide. 

 He was so proud of himself for crawling all the way up the stairs and making it down the slide in one piece!
 Goosey loved sitting in her inflatable throne while the guests sang Happy Birthday.
We had so much fun at the party, we forgot to get a traditional family photo.  This one will have to do. 

This blog post has been brought to you by the letter B and the number 3.

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