Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product Junkie

While packing for a long weekend in NYC, I realized I have become such a product junkie. Here are my newest purchases I'm loving...

Bebe Shimmer Body Lotion

Someone in a tanning salon once used the word "gorgeous" to describe lotion and I thought she was crazy because you can't see lotion...but ya'll, this lotion IS gorgeous. It gives your skin a healthy glow and has a nice, mild, long lasting scent.  I've gotten past my worry that someone may mistake me for a a vampire because you will sparkle and shimmer like Edward Cullen on a sunny day in Fork, WA. 

This blush looks extreme, huh? It's Bobbi Brown light pink and once applied, it actually creates a very soft, natural look. A perfect color for your apples.
Laura Mercier's secret brightening powder works miracles on my dark under eye circles. I apply it over concealer to both set and brighten the eye area.
Any product recommendations out there?


  1. I love bobbie brown but haven't tried that shade! I get older I'm seeing those under eye circles coming in more and more...uggghhh haha.


    Hi Kate! I read your post about being a product junkie and wanted to tell you about Birchbox. It's a monthly subscription service for new makeup and beauty products. Each month, you'll get a box with 5 samples (usually large samples) of fun new things! A friend gifted this to me as a thank you bridesmaid present. It's $10/month - and totally worth it, I think! I love getting my monthly boxes! Hope you try it out!