Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Story of Us (cont.)...

Kate did a lovely job of telling the tale of Girlfriends (I’ve been waiting two weeks for my Kool-Aid Mustache to show up on this blog- finally, yay!!!!) A few more comments/points to add:

  • It was the 80s, which explains the KFC and Kool-Aid. My mom probably did call me “Melinda” because I believed believe that I was am a princess.

  • Not only did Kate, Laura and I become good friends in elementary school, but we also suffered through many bizarre ordeals at CCD (which is like Sunday school for Catholics but it was always on a Monday or Wednesday after school). Some of the strangest kids you’ll ever meet growing up will be in your CCD classes…

  • I would routinely remind “the twins” that I had to earn extra chore-points to have both of them over at the same time since there were (shocker) TWO of them and it required 10 points to have one friend over but 20 points for both of them. I did not have a lot of tact, plus I got us lost in the woods for four hours one day after school. We were almost milk carton kids.

  • Karissa and I met through basketball. For the first 2 & ½ years of our friendship I thought her name was "Casey", since she was most often called by her initials “KC” for sports and I apparently had hearing problems by the age of 11. She was by far one of the nicest players on our rival/sister middle school team, but it was INFURIATING how accurate her baseline jumper was and it sometimes made me extremely jealous of “Casey”. By high school I had learned her real name and we played on the legendary 9th grade basketball team together and were locker partners in 10th grade (BLPE!). Even though KC is the “newbie” girlfriend we’ve still known her for over HALF our lives, which is just crazy when you think about it.

I can’t wait until we’re old and our grandkids are so sick of hearing the stories of how we all met that they have us committed. Love these girls- they’re my soulmates.

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