Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its a Good Thing
I have a house.  But, it's tiny.  And, we outgrew it two days after we moved in.  I'm always looking for ways to organize and consolidate.  About once a year, I get so fed up with all the "stuff" in my house, that I clean and purge (donate) everything that I'm sick of looking at (stepping over, moving, etc).

I was super excited to hear of this idea from my decorating inspiration: Martha Stewart.  (Side note: The title of LC's decorating inspriation is actually a three-way tie between Martha Stewart, KC, and her mom!)

When organizing your linen closet, group the matching fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases together. Then, store the fitted sheet, flat sheet and one pillowcase all in the second pillowcase.  When I'm ready to change my bed (which I recently discovered is much less often than recommended, but don't want to give the specifics and totally disguise our followers), I can just grab one "set" quickly and easily and be on my way.  Unfortunately, this method eliminates one of my excuses for NOT changing the bed ("I can't find a matching sheet set to save my life!). 

So, dear hubby (and house guests), here's to a great night sleep in clean sheets!

Hugs to all of our followers,


  1. I started doing this a few years ago and it is a huge lifesaver! I think I heard it from Martha also. I also have moved my bed linens to a drawer in my bedroom bc I am so lazy that I even once said, "I don't feel like going to the bathroom (5 steps away!) to get clean sheets!" :) ~ Pamela

  2. I'm all for clean sheets but this folding system is too complicated for me. I mean you only just taught me how to properly fold a T-shirt, now our sheets are going to be stacked like some russian doll!

  3. Is it wierd that just seeing how nice your closet is makes me want to see the rest of your house! Its like Home and Beautiful!

  4. Amanda, you give me waaay to much credit! I WISH this was a picture of my linen closet. But, isn't it amazing how Martha Stewart can make anything beautiful?!

  5. I loved sleeping in the clean sheets...:)slept like a...BABY :)