Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haaaave you met Laura?

Goosey learning to give kisses
My name is Laura (LC, for short). 
Once upon a time, I was a high school math teacher.  While those memories/coworkers/students still hold a special place in my heart, I finally feel I have found my calling as a SAHM.  My daughter, Goosey, occupies much of my time.  When I’m not conversing in baby talk, running to play dates and trying to keep one step ahead of a toddler, I cook, run, watch TV, shop, and read magazines.  I’m obsessed with summer, sunrises, the beach, ice cream, chocolate, brussel sprouts, marathons, The Bachelor, How I Met Your Mother, InStyle Magazine, Food Network, Nissans, and Free Cell.  I could do without soda, the ocean, dancing, messes, jealousy, and wind.  I dream of living debt-free, playing the piano, and raising well-mannered, responsible, happy children. 

High school was the best four years of my life.  College was not.  I met my husband at the age of nineteen and fell in love with him during our first kiss.  I knew I was going to marry him a week later.  I love his helmet of hair, his smile, and his boyish sense of humor.  He, along with my girlfriends, complete me.  

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