Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A challenge

I go through more phases than the moon. While intense and all-encompassing, these phases are, thankfully, often short-lived.

 Smoothies, blazers, quilting, and Dexter

are a few highlights over the last year but I must confess that I can't seem to quit this obsession I have with

 peanut butter.

It's getting a little out of control...as in my stomach yells out for the creamy goodness and when my stomach is a-talking, there ain't no stopping it.

Last week's milestone was that I finished TWO jars of peanut butter...in 6 days. And then I self-diagnosed myself as a peanut butter junkie and I've decided to take a sabbatical. My challenge is to get through the week peanut butter-free. It's Day 2 and I feel the need to extend an apology now for the inevitable grouchiness that is about to be unleashed.

I will miss you, my delicious little comfort food. My pants are thanking me, though.


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