Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kiss Me Kate

I recently heard of something that marries two of my favorite things:
The Royal Wedding and Beer

Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham has brewed a special beer, Kiss Me Kate, to commemorate the union of Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton. It is described as "elegant, tasteful and British to the core," which, from what I've read, is also a perfect description of the soon-to-be wife of the future King of England.

I'm disappointed to learn that it is only being sold in Britian but I may scope out ebay to see if I can find a six pack to enjoy. The name alone makes it worth trying!



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  1. Great minds think alike- I've already been stalking the web looking for a bottle for my Royal Wedding Party! We've got quite a collection of Will & Kate items lined up, and I'm picking out my gown to match my tiara tonight- I can't wait for April 29th!!!!!