Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Countdown

The countdown is officially on for the royal wedding.  I've been driving my dear husband crazy the past few days by constantly talking about it.  How can you not? It's on TV all the time and it's going to be amazing.  I am probably taking it too far by having my mom come to NC all the way from PA (thanks Mom!) so that I have someone to watch all the events with me during the wee hours of Friday morning.  I'm even taking the day off to enjoy the wedding!

I've seen some of the royal wedding treats that are out right now, most notably the ones from Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut.

But, the ones that catch my eye even more are the homemade treats!  If only I had more time in my life so that I could make these treats.  It makes me wish I was having a full blown party for the event.

Courtesy of One Tough Cookie
Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcakes

Source unknown?
For those that may have time restraints (or lack baking know-how)...Fancy Flours has a cupcake kit that would be perfect for the event! Too bad I hadn't purchased this earlier!
Fancy Flours

Am I the only that's royal-obsessed? I should hate Kate for stealing William (I mean, were born about two weeks apart) but instead I have a total girl crush on her.  How do I get my hair to look like hers?  Here's the happy couple!


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