Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Duke Gardens

We accomplished one of our spring/summer goals this weekend.  We went to Duke Gardens on Sunday.  It wasn't exactly how I had pictured but it was a great day outside.  The weatherman said it was going to be in the 80's on Sunday.  When we went at 11:00am it was still about 58 and dreary.  But, that was ok.  It made for better photos!

Ironically, it was the Duke reunion weekend.  There were Dookies everywhere! And champagne toasts....everywhere!  I felt like we were crashing the party (especially since I'm a UNC grad! hehe).  We tried to get away from the little crowds and we succeeded.

If you're ever visiting the Triangle in North Carolina the Duke Gardens has to be a stop, especially in the spring time.  It's absolutely breath taking.  Here are some of the beautiful photos of our visit.

I have to mention that I love feeding the ducks. I truly absolutely adore feeding ducks.  I could spend hours sitting by a lake and throwing bread.  I came prepared with my bread and....they wouldn't eat a thing.  Apparently 11:15 is bathing time for the ducks at Duke Gardens.  They all came right by where I was sitting but to preen.  Or sleep.  No eating.  It was very disappointing.

I amused myself by looking for the turtles instead. I loved finding their little heads poking out from the murky water.

Hmm, what do you suppose Joe is contemplating?

Of course, the moment we came home the sun came out and it was beautiful outside.  Oh well.  We went inside and took naps while watching the final round of the Masters.


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