Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can Ice Cream Change Your Life?

I love appliances.  If my house was bigger, I'd have a lot more of them.  In fact, on my wish list is a bread maker and a juicer.  More than my love for appliances is my love of ice cream.  Combine them together and what do you get?  An ice cream maker! Last year, my husband and I bought this one as our anniversary gift to each other.  Not very romantic, but very practical (perfect way to describe me!).  We've tried out a few concoctions such as Chocolate Habanero and Cinnamon Heath Bar.  But last week, I discovered the recipe for the MOST amazing ice cream I've ever eaten (and I eat A LOT of ice cream).  It was Salted Vanilla and Brownie.  I started with the recipe from David Lebovitz, who wrote The Perfect Scoop (currently in my cart at Amazon.com), and made a few modifications (only used half of a vanilla bean, added a dash more salt, accidentally combined steps four and five, and added bites of boxed brownies).  My husband and I sat on the couch gobbling up our bowl and cone (respectively) of ice cream in complete bliss.  About halfway through my cone, I realized I wanted to blog about this experience.  Here is what was left (and then devoured a few seconds later).

The answer to my title question is yes.  Not only will I compare all future ice cream to this one, but this flavor could make me my first million.
So, watch out Ben and Jerry's, Baskin Robbins, and Cold Stone.  I may just take the ice cream world by storm.

Hugs to our followers,


  1. i am definitely buying an ice cream maker. that looks so good

  2. that sounds sooo yummy! i too love appliances... unfortunately on my budget i can only buy crappy ones from goodwill haha. no ice cream makers there, alas...