Friday, April 15, 2011

These streets will make you feel brand new...

I spent Wed-Thur in NYC this week visiting one of my besties, Katie. She lives in Manhattan and likes seeing live music almost as much as I do, so sometimes I train-it-up to the city to see a show with her and stay over for a quick visit. The train from Harrisburg got in to Penn Station around 3:30pm. Normally, having 3 hours to kill in New York until Katie’s done with work would be fabulous, but it was a cold, semi-rainy day PLUS my stupid broken foot has been acting up so I didn’t really plan on doing anything special. After some quick window shopping, I parked it in Herald Squre just outside of Macy’s and did a TON of people watching and reading. (Currently reading Jay-Z’s autobiography “Decoded”, very appropriate for NY). After meeting up with Katie we stopped back at her apartment, had a quick dinner at her favorite diner and then headed to The Bowery Ballroom to see We Are Augustines open for The Boxer Rebellion. The show was decent- a little under whelmed by Boxer Rebellion, but I had fun hanging out with a great friend. I stayed over, snuggling with her cat on the comfy couch all night. Overall it was a lovely little trip.

I forgot my camera (boooooo- major fail) so these are just a few photos from my phone. Sorry for the poor quality!
View on Train

Chillin' outside Macy's

People Watching

Starbucks Stop

Waiting outside Katie's apt

Mr. Kitten welcomes me to NY

Spare Sides at the Diner

Night Cat

"It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!" Breakfast Bagel

Philly Graffiti

If you haven't heard of them before, The Boxer Rebellion and We Are Augustines are both worth a listen.
Post Title from "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z

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