Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Easter is finally here! This will be my first year hosting Easter dinner and I'm really excited.  I love hosting anything. I love to plan my menu and get to use all my fun serving pieces that normally sit in my closet gathering dust.  If I could, I'd host some fun meal all the time.  I just need to find more reasons to do it!  Since our house is on the market and most of our (unnecessary) stuff is in storage, I'm going to have a more basic meal.  But, it doesn't stop a girl from dreaming.  I would love to copy some of these table settings...

Absolutely adorable bunny napkin.  My husband is fantastic at folding napkins to make them look fancy. I wonder if I could convince him to try to do these?  I imagine I'll need some stiff napkins and all of mine are flimsy but a shopping trip never hurt anyone...
Courtesy of The Flower Cart

The details! Love these little ideas..using ice cream cones to make "carrot" treats, the peeps in the flower display (awesome)...I can't contain myself. How are people so creative?
Courtesy of The Party Dress
 I love that they used the cupcake tiers as the centerpiece. I love cupcakes...such an easy and beautiful dessert option.
Photo from Flickr
So simple and so elegant! This is one that I know I can easily pull of this weekend. 

How beautiful is this one!? I'd love to do this if we were having dinner outside.  I love how they made use of those little pots. I always seem them at Target or Michaels but never know what to do with them.  This is going into the memory bank.
Courtesy of Southern Living

 So many fun ideas and so little time to do them all in!  I promise that when we are in a new house I am going to host as many events as possible.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter with family and friends!

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