Monday, April 25, 2011

Votes needed!

Easter may have come and gone but the competition is still strong in my house!  The hubby and I had our egg dying contest last week and he refuses to admit that I beat him!  So, we are having everyone vote for the grouping of eggs that they think are the best.  We each chose our five best eggs.  We'll keep it anonymous so that he can't claim I rigged the voting process! Please cast your votes for your favorite!

Picture 1

Picture 2


  1. The top photo:) Love the flower!

  2. Both are pretty, but I'm loving the colors from the top picture. How did you get them so vibrant?

  3. The new Paas kit was awesome this year! It came with a few extra colors that were really great. We also experimented with using vinegar and lemon juice with the dyes. Ultimately, it comes to just leaving an egg in a cup and forgetting about it. I win!