Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Wanna Be Kate...

It’s almost time for the Royal Wedding- I’m so excited! What do you think Kate Middleton is doing right now??? We're having a party all day to celebrate- my family and I have been making plans all week. I just got back from Wegman’s where I spent roughly $136.72 on food for tomorrow. (Brits aren't known for their great dishes, but for one day I can deal with it) Lots to do- can’t wait!!!!

Oh hey there giant pile of food that probably won't even taste good

Royal Tea (get it?)
Americans are weird, super-lameos for being so obsessed with this wedding, especially considering we went to war to avoid being subjects of that particular crown, but I just love a good tiara and cake :)
*Post Title from "Kate" by Ben Folds Five

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