Thursday, March 31, 2011

Target is Like an Old Friend...

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 Isn't it wonderful when you see an old friend after a few weeks/months/years?  You can pick up right where you left off and welcome each other back into your life with open arms.  I feel the same way about Target.  I try not to go there often.  I'll walk in to pick up one or two things and walk out with a cart full of "essentials".  But every time I leave a Target, I think, "What a wonderful shopping experience!".  I love that I can shop for bathing suits, car seats, patio furniture, cooking gadgets, groceries and toys all at one place. 

I walked in to Target today to get Goosey triangular crayons for Easter (thanks for the recommendation, Melissa!).  Fifty-one dollars and sixteen cents later, I walked out with crayons (two kinds!), baby food (I was so excited to see these puree pouches for less than $1 each.  What a deal!!!), juice (cheapest place I've found V8 fusion), tea (only place I've found decaf Tazo Decaf Chai!) , infant ibuprofen (half the price as the grocery store!), and orange juice (I REALLY like OJ!).

I spent so long walking up and down the aisles that Goosey fell asleep in the cart (sitting up!)

Ah, Target.  You are wonderful!  Welcome back to my life!

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