Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Story of Us (according to LC)

Kate and Mindy did a very good job recounting the girlfriend story in: The Story of Us and The Story of Us (cont).  A few things I'd like to add:

Kate and I met at conception.  We didn't have to share a room growing up, but we did in college.  Our time together in the womb taught us how to live together in small spaces (or kick or poke each other until the other got what she wanted).  One of my best memories of Kate occurred during college.  It was our junior year.  We lived together in a small suite, which consisted of two double occupancy rooms joined by a bathroom (toliet and shower only).  Each dorm room had a sink and mirror (because otherwise four girls would never make it out the door in time to go to class).  Kate hated that I had a bed in the corner of the room (I had a nice space to rest my pillows to go to sleep.  Kate did not.) and she hated that I always closed the blinds by my bed.  One day around midterms, I was stressed (more stressed than normal for me).  I was studying for the exams,  completing comps, tutoring, trying to figure out Abstract Algebra, working on a Practicum at a local high school and all around hating my life.  For some reason, I had my cell phone with me (cell phones were just becoming popular).  Kate called and told me that our sink pipe had burst and our entire dorm room was flooded.  She said all of our belongings were drenched and all of our furniture was out in the hallway.  I hurried home from the library and found this note:

 Needless to say, our room was in perfect shape, and it made me put my life into perspective.

My best memory of Mindy is from eighth grade.  We used to get out of study hall to go work on student council projects.  We took our job as “signers” very seriously.  We were in charge of the scrolling, electric sign in the cafeteria.  We thought we were the coolest.  One day we thought we needed to leave our legacy.  So, we wrote a note and walked around 40 minutes (our student council hall pass was gold!) trying to decide where to hide this note.  We ended up in the back entrance to the auditorium and hid our note in the ceiling.  I would imagine it’s still there.  Kate and I had a brief 15 minutes of fame during which we showcased our telepathy abilities.  Mindy was our manager.

My best memory of KC is from French class.  At one time, I was good at French.  Then all the (smart) slackers dropped out of French and Karissa and I continued on with the (smart) non-slackers.  Our peers would read French poetry, have complete conversations in French and understand French films (without subtitles!)  Karissa and I would stare at each other from across the room completely lost and mortified.  That’s when we started 1-2, 1-2-3, and French class became a lot more fun!  My second best memory of Karissa is remembering how happy she was on her wedding day.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more glowing bride!  

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  1. My take away from this post? I was a lot funnier 8 years ago. :)