Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Story of Us (KC's version)

I think it's very fitting that I'm the last to share my version of how we met since I was the last to join the group.  I'm not a native of Pennsylvania, nor did I go to the same middle school as they did.  I'm the newbie to the group but I've never felt that way.

One thing I will always remember about these three ladies is how they say my name. I wish I could include an audio file because I won't be able to do this justice.  Somehow they are able to say my name with the right emphasis to always make it sound like I'm in trouble.  It's become a joke now so whenever someone does actually say my full name (and not KC), someone starts to laugh.  I think it's impossible to say it differently now!

When we were in college, someone (who?) had the idea for us to each have a diary. The next time we saw each other, we would swap diaries and continue on.  It was the best idea because I got to see glimpses into their lives that I never would have seen otherwise.  It had all those stories that you forget to tell a few months down the road.  I think that helped us stay as close as we did.

I think Kate, Laura, and Mindy did an excellent job of sharing those first memories. I just love that the four of us managed to survive high school, separate colleges, and the years since with each other.   In many ways, I think we're stronger friends now than we were before.  Why is it that distance has made it that way?  Here's to more memories with amazing friends.


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