Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Georgia on my mind...

Joe and I took a much needed mini-vacation to Savannah this past weekend.  Neither of us have ever been there but I bet we'll be going back again someday!  It's a beautiful town--so pretty with all of the Spanish moss and the squares.  I could just sit in one of those squares or at Forsyth Park and people watch all day long. 

The first night, we went to a restaurant called the Distillery for dinner.  Joe ordered himself a 'mystery' flight of beers.  Don't they look good?!

The rest of the trip included a lot of walking and wandering and eating.  We loved exploring the city and seeing all the beautiful architecture.  I think this is one of my favorite houses.  I love the ivy!  Although, there was another house that made me laugh. Apparently it was a mail order hourse purchased from Sears but the owner assembled it wrong and put the bay windows on upside down. I didn't get a picture of it though. :(

And finally, I didn't know that Savannah has the second largest Irish population in America.  So, with St. Patrick's day just around the corner, the entire town was preparing for a big celebration. It would have been neat to be there for that. Maybe someday!  Here's one of the signs advertising different drink specials. It cracked me up. I wish I had tried the Irish me..I'm kiss.  Hehe

Next time we go to Savannah, I will wait in line at Our Lady and Sons and I will go to Mrs. Wilkes for lunch.  The list of things to do is growing.  Oh, and a day trip to Tybee Island is a must. :) Anyone have other suggestions for things to do?


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  1. Did Joe drink all five of those beers by himself? I bet they were delicious! Sounds like a fun trip!