Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know, I know, I know times are changin'...

I really have nothing exciting to report. I've been battling a sinus infection/allergy issues. My car is overdue for inspection. I think that Hines Ward was adorable on “Dancing With the Stars” last night. And today, I had a bagel from Panera for breakfast. (Please try to remain calm, these were intense revelations). The only thing of any substance to write about is the TRADGIC loss of my friend Lori Dean. No, she did not pass away (thank god), but she and her family moved back to Texas :(

I’ve been very lucky to not have had many friends move away (Full disclosure: one must have “many” friends to begin with for previous statement to apply, but still…). And I'm spoiled by the fact that, with one exception (Katie) all of my friend's parents still live near me so I at least see them during the holidays even if they live far away. But now one of the very best friends in the entire world is moving back to her home state of Texas, never to return to Pennsylvania again. I’m being slightly dramatic about her move, but it really is one of THE WORST THINGS EVER to happen to me. Lori is just one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet and she has been an incredible pillar of support for me. As she keeps saying, she is only a phone call away, but it will be sad to not be able to drop by her house and chat the night away. Plus, she gives some of the best hugs in the world and those don’t translate through the phone (Stupid cell phones can’t do anything!!) I’m going to focus on planning a super fun trip to visit her in Dallas as soon as I can. But until then, I’ll just keep listening to “Purple Rain” on repeat.

Me and my Little Mexican Love Dove

My lovely wedding date
Celebrating my birthday

 I miss you already Lori. Can't wait to come visit you, Perry and the kids in TX!!!


  1. hey!! you linked to me!!!! HOLLERRRRR

  2. Each picture is better than the next! You and Lori look beautiful in them!