Monday, March 14, 2011

When did I become an adult?

Do you ever have those moments that really make you wonder when you became an adult?  I'm 28 years old, have lived alone several states away from my parents, am now married...but I still feel like adulthood is soooo far away.  But then, it hits me, that I am, indeed, an adult.  Paying taxes certainly reminds me of that (oh the days of being a student).  When I bought my house, I definitely had that "whoa" moment.  It seems like those events just keep piling up.

The current event that made me have this jaw dropping moment was when my husband and I decided to buy a new car.  My old car was wonderful. I actually kind of miss it (in the way you miss an old friend that you haven't seen in a while).  But, it was starting to get on that last leg.  So, we went car shopping.  Just the act of walking into a car dealer made me nervous. I felt like I was going somewhere that I wasn't allowed...that I should wait for my dad to join me or something.  But, they actually treated us like adults and called us Ma'am and Sir.  Seriously?  I am not a Ma'am.  Then we found the perfect car and made a deal with the salesman.  I looked at Joe just before signing on that line and we shared a know, that smile that says "yeah, we are doing this".

So, we are now the owners of a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe.  I love it. I love that it's roomier and comfortable. The safety features and Consumer Reports rankings are fantastic. I think Joe loves the bluetooth feature. He doesn't have to worry about me jabbering away on the phone while driving now.  All in all, it was a perfect purchase that I hope we enjoy for a long time.

Courtesy of Hyundai

And now I need to go do something childish....this spring weather makes me want to roll down a hill, pick some flowers, jump in some spring puddles...and not worry about life. :)


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