Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

I mentioned that I had the most perfect weekend planned and, as it turns out, I wasn't exaggerating.

Between work and busy weekends, I decided I needed a relaxing escape so I headed north to my parents' house for a wonderful get-a-way. My two sisters, and their crews, joined me for an impromptu family reunion.

A few of the highlights:

+We convinced Goosey to try a "special chicken" dinner called shrimp.
+It was a TV-free weekend. Sure, at one point, there were four smart phones and one laptop in use in the same room, but still...
+I tried a meyer lemon. Oh Em Gee. If the happy color doesn't attract you, give it a try for the interesting flavor. Lemon mixed with a mandarine orange. Yes, please.
+We played a rousing game of Telestrations which is like a combination of Win Lose or Draw and Telephone. It seemed like a success because at one point, I was laughing so hard, water came out of my nose. Hey, it happens.

1. Nana and Maverick
2. Goosey
3. LC, me, Ann
4. Pop and Maverick
5. Maverick and me

Clearly, we can't get enough of this little guy. More pictures to come...




  1. Absolutely love the picture of you, LC and Ann. You are all so beautiful! --KC

  2. Totally agree with KC on the photo of the three Walker sisters! You look amazing!