Friday, March 2, 2012

America's favorite cookie

Do we have any Oreo fans out there?

I don't like the cookie by itself very much but I could go to town on the creme filling.  I've become more a fan of Oreo's as I expanded my baking attempts. I love Oreo truffles. And I have a recipe for an Oreo cheesecake that I'm dying to make.

But then I saw these at Target yesterday.

I'm intrigued.  I couldn't find a description on the bag--is the creme center birthday cake flavored? Will it be good or awful? I wanted to buy a bag but we're moving this weekend and I really have no place for it.  My attempt will have to wait until next week.

Anyone try these yet?



  1. I have been looking for these and haven't found them yet!! There have been so many recipes in the baking blogs I follow recently that use them.

  2. E--check Target. I have seen them at three different Targets this weekend. Let me know how the baking goes if you use them. ~kc