Thursday, March 15, 2012

Infused Vodka

My husband has started infusing vodka.  So far he has created strawberry-infused vodka, peanut-butter-cup-infused vodka, and tangerine-infused vodka.   It is a pretty simple process.  Get an air-tight glass container, add your fruit, vegetable, candy, nut, olive or other food of choice, and top with vodka.  Let it sit for 7+ days (the longer it sits, the better!), and shake it twice a day.  Once the vodka is infused to your satisfaction, strain it and enjoy!
This tangerine vodka turned out to be a hit! Yesterday, we enjoyed a restaurant-worthy cocktail of orange juice, tangerine vodka, triple sec, and sweetened lime juice.  AWESOME!

Usually we discard the fruit after we strain the vodka.  But, with these deliciously infused tangerine segments, I think I may have to chocolate-coat them.  They will be a perfect snack as we sit on the deck enjoying this beautiful spring weather.

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