Saturday, March 17, 2012

In a world that's not so far away...

Goosey’s new obsession is Team Umizoomi.  
Check it out to see the appeal: 
Its a show on Nick Jr. that teaches math by using pattern (power!), (super) shapes, and numbers with mini superheros.  Its actually a pretty cute show and the math teacher in me just loves it.   Goosey asks to watch it about 100 times a day (no exaggeration) even though she knows she can’t watch TV until after her nap.  Today, as Maverick was screaming bloody murder (he must be teething!), and I just couldn’t take another:
Goosey: “Mommy?  Umizoomi?”
Me: “Not right now Goose.”
Goosey: “Mommy?  How about now? ”
Me: “Not now.”
Goosey: “Ok.  How about now?”
I warned Goosey to not ask again or she’d be put in timeout.  Needless to say, two SECONDS later she says, “Um, Mommy?  Team Umizoomi, pAH-LEASE!”  So, during her 2 minutes of timeout, I formulated a plan (which I was super proud of!).  Instead of saying, “No, no, no,” I’d explain to Goosey that she could watch Team Umizoomi after dinner (bonus, Goosey might be so excited for Team Umizoomi that she would quickly and peacefully eat her hummus flat bread).   I thought I’d have 2 solid hours of Goosey occupying herself knowing that Team Umizoomi was DEFINITELY going to happen after dinner.  When Goosey's timeout ended, I explained the plan to her.  She nodded, said she was sorry and gave me a hug (typical timeout behavior).  Then she looked up with her tear-filled eyes and said,”Mommy.  Dinner?”
So, instead of 2 hours of asking for Team Umizoomi, I had 2 hours of, “Is it dinner yet?
And, needless to say, her flat bread and hummus were NOT eaten.
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