Friday, May 4, 2012

What My 20s Taught Me

My mom and me. Easter 2012
my 26th birthday celebration with some of my very best (and oldest) friends
My 28th birthday celebration

Today I'm linking up with this wonderful series over at Fairy Tales Are True about what my 20s have taught me. The timing of this is actually quite perfect seeing as I'm on the brink of celebrating my 30th birthday later this month. And celebrate I will! My 20s were amazing but I'm confident it keeps getting better.

It's funny now...looking back on the last decade. I would love to introduce 29 year old self to 22 year old self and impart some wisdom on that young girl. I may even laugh at my younger self a little all the plans I had. All the worries I had!  Life is so much different now than I expected it to be at 30. But that's ok because my 20s taught me to be a better person and prepared me for what lies ahead.

In no particular order:

Worrying gets you nowhere. Instead I learned to put my energy into prayer and hard work.

I once heard my dad give the advice, "Forgive. Forgive. Forgive." As someone who frequently harbored grudges, it took me a lot of time and practice to really understand this. My, how right my dad was! And how much peace I felt when I really learned to forgive.

Wear sunscreen. No one needs to be that tan.

Watch your words. In moments of anger or hurt, I'm always thankful for the times I held my tongue until I could appropriately share my feelings or deliver feedback. Some of my biggest regrets in life involve nasty things that escaped my mouth that I could never take back.

You're so much stronger than you think you are. Sometimes we're tested. Sometimes life isn't fair. But those circumstances really do add character and make us into better people.

Parents and grandparents are amazing gifts. In my 20s, I really started to hear what they were saying. I wanted to absorb every tiny detail that I could so I could carry them with me wherever I go.

Tell. The. Truth. Always. It's a matter of integrity and respect.

Define your own happiness. I've wasted so much time trying to keep up with the Joneses. Slow down.

Find the extraordinary in ordinary things. On New Years Eve, a common practice of mine is writing down my five favorite memories from that year. Most of the time, those memories are simple things. A special phone conversation. A funny moment at the bank.  A holiday spent with my family.

 Thanks for reading! And a challenge to anyone who wants to share...what did you learn in your 20s?



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  1. Someone needed to smack me during all of those spring break trips in college - what in the world was I thinking skipping the sunscreen? Crazy!

    I love that you've included "watch your words". I could've used that advice when I was younger, too. Why is it when we're young, we don't quite have that down yet? :)

    Here's to lessons learned!