Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleeping Beauty, Part II

This post is a follow-up from a post, Sleeping Beauty, I made back in August 2011.  Goosey has been fighting her afternoon nap (she may be ready to give it up, but I love having an hour during the day to actually accomplish something, i.e., this blog post).  So, during one day this week, when she just did not want to nap, I let her hang out and occupy herself in her room.  Everything seemed to be going really well until we had to make a 30-minute drive that evening.  Just like their mother, the kids fall asleep within 15 minutes of riding in a car.  So, when we got home, I woke Goosey up, carried her into the house, and put her down so I could do the same for Maverick, who was still in the car.  I came back in and found Goosey like this,

curled up on the steps, sans pants, napping away.

I guess she's not quite ready to give up that afternoon nap after all.

Hugs to our followers (especially the lovers of naps!),

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