Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy "early" birthday to me!

I just had the biggest surprise ever today! I took the day off to go furniture shopping with my husband in High Point, NC.  We stopped for lunch and then hit the road to come home. I was thinking that we'd sneak in a quick trip to the outlets on the way home.  My husband started to take some back roads but I'm not very familiar with the area so I didn't know that we were going the complete opposite of home!  After a little bit of driving in the country I was getting so frustrated with him!  Just as I was about to get furious with him he pulls up to a house and said we're making a quick stop to get your birthday present.  What?? My birthday isn't for weeks!  Then I see this cute little face peering at me from the yard.

And then I saw this cute little guy with her.

At first I was afraid Joe was going to make me choose. Then I realized that I got both! Talk about a huge surprise! We'd been talking about getting a dog later this summer but I didn't realize that he'd been doing all this work for months! They are adorable!

Our lives are forever different! Let's hope the first night goes as well as it can!


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