Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Is Like A Novel, Read The Blessed Pages...

Well, well, well... long time no blog huh? I've been half busy/half on a break up with this blog BUT the other night I was out at a bar when one of our BIGGEST (only?) blog fans inquired why I haven't been writing. I took that as a sign (and NOT a drunken rant, it was clearly his plea to have more of my AWESOME writing in his life!!!!) so here I am- filling your day with a useless, boring post! You're welcome :)

Today's post is very near and dear to my heart. It's all about one of my most favoritiest things EVER in the entire world: BOOKS! <here's where you clap in excitement>

I heart books. I read more than almost anyone else I know. I do own a kindle, but I'm still terrified that most technology is going to kill me in my sleep someday so I hardly use it. I even love the smell of books! Some would call this "nerdy" (myself included) but a good book makes me incredibly happy!!! I happened upon this website the other day and collected a few lil doo-dads for all you fellow book lovers out there. Think of it as my kind of porn.
Dream Room

This is my motto.
At first I was confused/concerned, and then I was like "Totally!"
Gentlemen, take note
Hey teeny, tiny book necklaces! You rule!

True Confession: my greatest fear about getting older is how little time I have left to read.

If I had more wall space, this would be MINE!!!!

Pictured Above: Mindy's future child. Or Mindy herself in 1983. Take your pick.

A map of fictional places I wish I could visit. For reals, I "eeeeeeeee"'d out loud in excitement when I saw this.
That's it. Surely we're all in agreement that I need a 12-Step program to deal with my odd book addiction. I'll await your intervention. In the mean time: 11/22/63 by Stephen King??? SO GOOD!!!!

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  1. I really can't be believe you left out the YouTube video of that adorable Brit talking about girls who read. I'm ashamed.