Sunday, January 1, 2012

As You're Living Through Another Year...

Happy National Hangover Day! (the rest of the world’s drunks not included) I’m not suffering a hangover today from drinking so much as from the freakin’ holidays. The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of fun (and stress… mostly stress?). I went to NYC for a day to see a broadway show, eat YUMMY bakery and see Matisyahu perform; Spent a day in Maryland visiting LC and bringing xmas presents to her adorable munchkins; Went to a few friend’s holiday parties (recycled party outfit- check!); Got ANOTHER flat tire and was rescued by the same guy from AAA; Had family time for Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day Brunch, and Christmas Dinner on "2nd Christmas" when my sister got into town (yes, that’s 3 official family meals plus all the other little visits in between… we’re nuts); Visited Pittsburgh and, sadly, had my heart broken over the Penguins loss; Finally, I celebrated NYE with some great friends and family. Today I start my New Year’s Resolutions:

-Swear less (or if need be, learn to swear in a different language because that classes it up!)

-Clean out all of my closets and STOP BUYING SO MANY SHOES! (This was my resolution the past 7 years but I PROMISE it’s for reals this time guys- check back on my progress and lots of free clothes I’ll be giving away)

-Actually finish the last bottle/jar of <insert name of various beauty product> I purchased before buying a new one (If you’ve seen my bathroom, you know this is a necessity)

-Give more personal time to the people I love (I’ve gotten so lazy about only texting, tweeting, facebooking, blogging what-have-you to keep in touch. Get ready for lots of Mindy time friends, I’m recommitting myself to keeping in touch like a human instead of a robot).

-Finish my 29th birthday check list (Folks, we’re going on 6 months left in my 20s… this is getting serious).

-Stop making lists ()

Here are a bunch of photos I took on my phone over the past couple weeks. Being the moron I am, the battery in my nice camera was consistently left off the charger and so I am left with only these semi-horrible shots to share.
Slightly gloomy NYC

Rockefeller Center Tre

Heaven on Earth

Get in my belly!!!

Momma was a dancer

There's a lot of weird stuff going on here, mostly on my face

Manhattan from Brooklyn

Creeper Stairs

Matisyahu and the his giant dreidel

This Santa needs some Lt. Dan legs STAT


Cutest little angel

Goose rockin out with the gifts I brought her

Elaine & Krissy

Oh hey there AAA guy!

Family Stockings

Festive lights on the back deck

Family Christmas #2

Adorable note my mom gave me with her GENEROUS donation for my trip to Haiti

Recovery night: Mimosas in bed with tons of DVDs

Pens Game (before the horrible performance ruined my life)

NYE Girl Photo (Cant believe all the guys didnt want to participate in this never ending quest for the perfect photo)
Peace out 2011, it was fun while it lasted, 2012 you better bring it!
Happy New Year!!!

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