Thursday, January 19, 2012

Everybody's working for the weekend...

Girlfriends Weekend starts in 24 hours!!! It'll be the first time since our last GF weekend that the four of us will all be together (Booooo to living in four different states!) There'll be non-stop talking the entire weekend, that's kind of our thing. A few of the topics I'm sure we'll touch upon:
  • Our never ending quest for a good pair of jeans
  • Weird stuff people from High School have been posting on Facebook
  • Football & other sports (mostly just me & KC)
  • Books we read, plus all the books people keep talking about but we hate and/or don't understand
  • "Liz Lemon" moments (both on 30 Rock and ones we've experienced in our lives)
  • Boys, boys, boys, and a few men
  • Our upcoming trip to Vegas
  • And this movie trailer (cause we're girls)...

Missing my best friends more than ever these days, very excited to see my twin, soulmate and lover tomorrow night!

 Drive safe ladies, see you three in DC!


  1. I wish Channing Tatum wasn't in that movie. Actually I wish Rachel McAdams wasn't in it either. Otherwise, I'd totally go see it. Have fun this weekend! Pip

  2. He's definitely dumber than a box of rocks, but I certainly wouldn't toss him out of bed.