Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In My Mind I'm Goin' to Carolina...

Yesterday was Peach Day and I enjoyed mine for breakfast, sitting on the back deck at my house.

I call this: "Albino Nature Meal"
This was a mini-extension of our WAY too short girlfriends weekend in North Carolina. KC was an excellent host (as usual) and we got to do lots of things during the short time we had together. We spent a few hours lounging by the pool, went out to hibachi for dinner, chatted on KC’s big COMFY bed for a few hours (enjoying drinks that her husband whipped up for us!), visited a farmer’s market and had delicious fruit and apps for lunch before driving home. Always too short of a stay but I’m glad we got to see each other. It’s tough to get all of us together anymore since we’re spread across FOUR different states, but I always feel refreshed after seeing these girls so it’s well worth the drive.

Enjoy the following photos from our NC visit. (Still crossing fingers for a new camera!!!)

Husb Drinks

BUTTONS!!!!! For sale at the Farmer's Market

It's my hot sauce!!!!

No, this is not from a magazine. Karissa is just the best hostess EVER!

I. Am. Nell.

Did you enjoy the photos? If you scroll up I believe you'll see that I DISTINCTLY told you to enjoy them.
*Post Title from "Carolina In My Mind" by James Taylor

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  1. I enjoyed them!
    *This is a trick, it's just me- enjoying my own photos.