Friday, June 24, 2011

Who's Gonna Get It?

pheww. Made it. Finally Friday and tomorrow Girlfriends will reunite!
AND let this serve as a sneak peak that one lucky lady will soon be in possession of the GIRLFRIENDS BALL!

So what's this girlfriends ball? you're probably asking.

Years ago, LC was inspired by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 
::I'm lying. She came up with this alll on her own:: 

and decided to start a tradition. We pass around the girlfriends ball and gift to each other little nick knacks, unnecessary splurges, and cute finds. Each of us is only allowed to keep it for one month before mailing it to a new girlfriend.

And let me tell you...when that box arrives, I go nuts. My heart beats faster and I run around in circles clapping my hands like a show monkey. And after I reveal my delights, I start plotting the gift for the next girl.

When the package was delivered two weeks ago from KC, I cried a little from pure happiness. It had been a difficult day and low and behold, that sneaky little reminder of love was waiting for me. I think I smiled for the first time all day. That's the magic of the girlfriends ball.

So, who's gonna get it this weekend? :)



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