Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decorating an office space...

I am currently staring at the piles and piles of paper and pictures and other whatnots that have filled my office for the past six years. And then I turn and stare at the big yellow bins that I have to put everything in to prepare for my upcoming move.  Yes, the office I have inhabited and loved for six years will no longer be my home.

I am taking this move as a good thing. It is forcing me to clean (purge, purge, purge) and reorganize.  My job has changed quite a bit over the past few years so I've absorbed files and now is the time to make it my own. I also want to take this opportunity to redecorate. I want my office to be cohesive and classy. I want it to be well organized but also chic.  I don't want it to scream "INTERN!" anymore.  My mom is coming to visit next week so I think our priority for shopping is to create a new office theme for my decor. A trip to HomeGoods and the flea market will definitely be in order.  I also have my eye on a few other things.

First, shelving.  I love the idea of having a picture gallery on the wall but currently it's driving me nuts. All the pictures are crooked and that is annoying. A coworker suggested I get some shelves so that I can rearrange as much as I want and I never have to worry about them being crooked. I am leaning towards either traditional molded style or a more modern style. These pictures are from Pottery Barn but I will not be spending that much money. Target has some knock offs and I'm hoping HomeGoods or the Christmas Tree Shops will have some good deals.
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Courtesy of Pottery Barn
My second biggest concern are file boxes.  I have a TON of files and I like the top of my desk clear.  I'd like to use the file drawers in my desk to hide other things that I don't want on my shelves.  The solution would be to use file boxes on my shelves.  There are so many fun patterns out there. I need to choose a color/style and stick with it!  The Container Store, Walmart, Target, and I'm sure the office supply stores all have a bunch. I found this option at See Jane Work.

Courtesy of See Jane Work

The rest of my hunt will be on the details. I'd like to get some fun accessories that are tie everything together. I'm thinking old jars/vases for my paper clips, binder clips, pens and pencils. I saw these galvanized pails at Pottery Barn the other day and thought it would look good against all the brown/black in my office. I'm pretty sure I can get the same thing from Michael's for much cheaper.

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

I love office supplies. Are there any other fun websites or stores that I should look at for this project?


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