Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There goes my baby, with someone new...

BAD NEWS BEARS ALERT!!!! As some of you may remember (no one will remember because no one cared the first time because it's weird) I have a seriously strong love for the group Band of Horses. Not only is their music amazing, but one of their guitar players, Tyler Ramsey, is a seriously tall drink of water that has caught my fancy. Here he is singing one of my favorite songs he wrote, "Evening Kitchen"...

Ah, sweet, sweet Tyler. Clearly the lyrics of this song are a desperate message that your poor, giant heart has been broken and you can only be healed by love of one tall girl named Mindy (let me have this one guys). Well, I've been planning my attack, er... "courtship" ever since I learned of the tiny solo show you, yes YOU Tyler Ramsey, would be playing in my hometown this October. A teeny, tiny (one might even say INTIMATE) solo performance- the perfect place to meet and fall in love with a proportionally sized, single young woman. Well, imagine my HORROR when, while researching info on his latest solo album (NOT stalking him- you can prove nothing), I came across this news.

Isn't that just my luck? 11 days before my assault, er... "introduction" was to happen he goes off and gets married to some adorable woman who's probably insanely nice and will live out her days as the love of his life. What is up with that!?!?! The only positive spin to this situation will, hopefully, be many many MANY more love songs by Tyler and Band of Horses.

I hope nobody reads this blog and bans me from the show next week... things could get messy if I miss seeing him live.
*post title from "Bye Bye Love" by the Everly Brothers

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  1. um yeah i was search the internetz for #stalking when i was stalking and came across this post. that is bull$hit man!!
    - love concerned stranger