Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family fun

These past few weeks have been filled with lots of family time.  We went to PA for a few days and then my folks came down for a few days. It's been a busy time but I love getting all of this quality time with them.  Unfortunately, I have issues with cameras. I forget to bring them with me or I forget to use them when I actually do have it with me.  It's a problem, especially when you want to do a blog post! 

Instead, I shall borrow from the web.

My week in pictures....not exactly but it's close.

Bananagrams. I love this game. My mom and I had some pretty close matches.

Image found here
Lots of card games. We rotated between Hand and Foot and Boo-Ray.

Image found here
And lots of golf. Joe got to play a lot with my dad and then we both got to go to a senior PGA golf tournament this weekend. It was fun to watch the professionals

It makes me wish that I lived closer to my family but I'll take what I can get! Looking forward to the next visit already.

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