Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Heart Organizing

I really do heart organizing.  The Container Store is like my Disneyland.  If I had more time, money and resources, I'd start at the top of my house and work my way down organizing every nook and cranny.  When I got to the bottom, I'd start all over again.  Each spring, my husband rolls his eyes when I ask him if he is ready to re-organize our house.  He politely humors me with an hour of his time to re-evaluate, re-fold and re-organize his drawers and closet, and then lets me have free reign on the rest of the house.  My problem is that I'm not willing to invest the money necessary to accommodate and organize our "stuff" in a house that I hope to move out of somewhere in the not-so-distant future.  So, every spring, with as little money as necessary to satisfy my organizing needs, I re-arrange and re-work my shelves, bins, closets and trunks to try to tidy up my house so I can live another year in an un-cluttered and order-proned house.

Unfortunately, Goosey likes clutter, messes and disorder.  I hate that toys and blocks have taken over my living room (and kitchen and bedroom and basement), and I'm ready to put an end to it.

Evidence of the chaos.

The madness continues

This is actually my fault.  Years of work went into making these math binders for teaching.  It'll take me YEARS to part with them!

Imagine my complete delight when I came across this blog: IHeart Organizing.  I giddily read entry after entry, realized that Jen has an awesome sense of style and can totally transform a room into something magical (check out her home tour).  Just wait until you see how she turned a $15 thrift store table into an awesome activity table! Jen has inspired me to attempt to create a play space as awesome as the one she created for her sons (check out her Kid's Playroom).

I love that she uses affordable and clever techniques to make a space that is fun and appealing for her kids.  With a space for everything and everything in its space the kids can have an awesome time playing and creating knowing that clean-up will be a breeze.  And a clean play space = a happy mom!

I'll be sure to blog about my experience trying to turn the little "no man's land" in our basement into an appropriate play space for Goosey and Prince.

In the meantime, I need some MAJOR help organizing my pantry!

Hugs to our followers,

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