Friday, October 21, 2011

NC State Fair is here!

The State Fair is open this week in Raleigh, NC. I love the fair. I love the noise, the sounds, the people watching and the food (duh). 

I went on Sunday with my husband, his dad and stepmother, his sister and her cute little daughter.  Unfortunately, I failed to bring my camera...again.  I swear, I will tether that thing to me one of these days.

However, I am fortunate enough to work fairly close to the fair grounds so my coworkers and I went to the fair for lunch the other day.  I am stealing these photos from my friend, Megan.  Thank goodness for her iPhone!

I am glad the fair only lasts for 10 days. Otherwise, I'd be broke and weigh a million pounds.  But I look forward to October every year so that I can have my caramel apple, pulled pork sandwich, elephant ear, roasted corn...or whatever deep fried yumminess is worth wrecking a diet.  I'm already looking forward to next year.


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  1. there really is nothing like a state fair..thanks for sharing one from NC!